Brittany Dosch

Major: Biology
Minor: Forensics
Graduation year: 2019
Hometown: Tafton, PA
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chip
Favorite Music Artist: Guns N’ Roses
One place you want to travel to: Germany
If you could live in any Sitcom, what would it be: I Love Lucy
Are you involved in any other Organization: Biology Club
Why did you rush Alpha?
I always wanted sisters and now I have 50!
Favorite Alpha memory?
Probably our first formal that we ever planned. It was something we wanted for a long time and we were so proud to finally have a yearly event where we can all come together and celebrate being a part of something wonderful.
How has Alpha impacted you?
Alpha has given me so many gifts but mostly it has gifted me with lifelong friends and so many special women that want to help one another and the community. Alpha has showed me that it’s okay to be myself because someone will always love you for who you are. Because of Alpha, I know what it means to be a strong, compassionate woman.