Public Relations Chair- Nicole Southard

Major: Art Education
Minor: Art History
Graduation year: 2018
Why did you pick your major?
I want to open younger generations eyes to the art that is surrounding them in their everyday lives.

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?
Build a studio where children with special needs could feel accepted and empowered.

I am also involved in other organizations on campus such as: Education Club, Art Honor Society, Autism Speaks U, and writing for the art blog Where Creativity Works.

Why did you rush Alpha?
I wanted to find my home away from home, it’s great seeing friendly faces all around campus!

“The sorority brought me out of my shell! I used to be very quiet and timid, and being in such a diverse and welcoming group allowed me to open up. I was an awful public speaker coming into Marywood, and now I am able to stand up and speak at any given time.”

What is your favorite Alpha memory?
Watching our recruitment video for the first time last fall! We were all overcome with emotions with the outcome after all of the hard work that was put into it, it was a blast filming it too!