Anna Notchick

Major: History/Pre-Law
Minor: Sociology and Political Science
Graduation year: 2018

Why did you pick your major?
“I picked my major to create a strong background in history and law that would prepare me for law school, which I will begin attending in the fall of 2018.”

I am also the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Marywood and am in charge of Public Relations for the History club. I am also involved in Kidstuff and LYM.

Why did you rush Alpha?
I rushed Alpha to branch out and join an association that would allow me to make friends through service and sisterhood.

“My favorite Alpha memory is getting my big during my freshman year! I was so excited because my big and I are so alike and we just clicked from the beginning.”

How has the sorority impacted you?
The sorority gave me a group of girls that I could count on for anything. Every girl is willing to listen to me and I would do the same for them. The sorority gave me a family at school, and I could not be more thankful for that.