Gabriella Gonzalez

Major: Art Therapy
Minor: Painting
Graduation Year: 2018

Why did you pick your major?
“I wanted to pick a major that truly allows me to help people in expressing themselves through art in ways words can’t explain for them.”

Fun Fact! I can do accents, impressions and weird voices. I’m also a resident assistant, and in the art honor society Zeta Omnicron.

Why did you rush Alpha?
“The philanthropy is what initially drew me in, but now I have sisters away from home!”

What is your favorite Alpha memory?
There’s too many!!

How has the sorority impacted you?
“It has made me feel empowered to be a part of such a proud, determined and compassionate group of young ladies. Being a part of the sorority has given me a place to belong on campus where I have a group of friends/sisters that I can always rely on!”